“Supporting the Combat Veteran Community by Inspiring Life-Long Connections, Encouraging Holistic Treatments, and Creating Awareness of the Challenges Veterans Face in Our Society”

Founded by Hammond Meredith and his partner Jon Krashna, Sabot is an organization consisting of three divisions: Lifestyle and Clothing line, 501c3 Foundation Trust and Off-Road Professional Racing Team. The three companies were created with one goal in mind: to support combat veterans by inspiring life-long connections through participation in wholesome activities fostering fun, teamwork and comradery.

Sabot sponsors engagements throughout the country including camping, hunting, fishing, motor sports and special events with participation from veterans experiencing debilitating physical injuries (including PTSD). The Veteran’s Administration reports a staggering statistic that an average of 22 veterans commit suicide daily. The trauma that PTSD and other injuries impose on veterans after harrowing days in combat is best understood by others with similar experiences. With these challenges and statics in mind, Sabot’s mission is to reach those who need understanding and opportunities to improve their quality of life.

Sabot also accepts in-kind contributions in the form of physical goods, such as supplies, equipment, vehicles, and items such as golf clubs, sporting equipment or any other items of value. This also expands to experiential donations which include tickets to a concert, sporting events, art, racing, outdoor experiences or other activities.These options allow us to extend our reach though auctions, private sales and raffles at our events. We also accept service contributions as well such as locations for our retreats, pro-bono work, event locations and other expert services for veterans in need.

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